Clear and Brilliant (C&B)

Clear and Brilliant or C&B is a non-ablative laser machine particularly designed for skin. Diode Laser is a source of laser light that has wavelength at 1440 nm.and it is controlled by embedded processor. The laser can transmit its energy deeply through skin layers approximately at 280-390 um.

Laser emission can be done by focusing laser directly to skin by lenses at hand piece. The hand piece internal motor is controlled by computer and software system. It is designed to control laser to emit spot type laser which has equal space and it is more accurate. However, the treatment is called Fractional Laser.

How it works?

Clear and Brilliant is a Fractional Laser treatment that will not destroy epidermal skin and it is highly safe for patients. It contains C&B laser, hand piece and tip. The tip which is like a plastic roller is specifically designed for laser emission to the skin continuously and thoroughly.

C&B’s laser emission system is controlled by computer called Intelligent Optional Tracking® System that has highly safety for the treatment due to laser will be emitted once the tip touches with the skin or Hand piece is moved.

What to treatment?

Clear and Brilliant or C&B will nourish skin conditions to be more radiant and younger. Furthermore, it can reduce facial lines and helps to nourish skin conditions from other treatments such as acne pores treatment or sagging skin treatment. C&B can also rejuvenate your facial skin and maintain your good skin conditions at the same time.

Clear and Brilliant or C&B is suitable for all ages, all skin types especially adolescence that prefers to maintain skin conditions and keep it fresher and radiant. It is also suitable for people who have done other multi-stage facial treatment or it is for people who ordinarily take care of facial skin such as facial cream applying or massaging.


C&B treatment is same as Fractional Laser. Plastic roller tip will make it much easier and faster. Firstly, anesthetic will be applied and left approximately 15-30 minutes and it will be wiped out later. Then, the treatment will be started and spent 15-30 minutes approximately per session

After care:

The treatment may cause red swollen spots at the treatment areas. Patients may feel like the heat comes out from the face depending on individual facial skin conditions. It takes 4-5 hours to sooth the red swollen spots and cool pack can help. Avoiding being in the sun, scratching and applying sun block SPF30++ are highly recommended.


he result will be clearly visible after continuously do treatment every 1-2 week(s), 4-6 sessions and can be repeatedly donein the next 1 month after the last session. The result depends on individual skin conditions.

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