Vaser Shape
Vaser Shape2

This is for those who have untighten shape and have an orange peel problem in the area of the body such as abdomen, hips, thighs, or and cellulite. The slimming up can solve that problem with using Vaser Shape special technique by combining two innovative 1. Dual Ultrasound, higher efficiency two times 2. Vacumm Massage (drainage handpiece) helps increasing the circulation of blood and lymph in order to enhance the treatment accordingly.

How the Vaser Shape works

The principle of Vaser Shape works is ultrasound waves can cause a small bubble (micro bubbles) around the fat cells layer. These bubbles will gradually enlarge to break off and hit the fat cells to open. Besides, the liquid fat is released and excreted through the lymphatic systems, which is used drainage handpiece to stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic again to optimize the treatment with Vaser Shape. This is suit for people have cellulite excess fat problem wants to tighten up. US FDA and Thailand FDA have certified our product.