E-matrix is an advance innovation of Fractional Technology that uses High Radiofrequency or RF resulting in ablation and resurfacing which has low epidermal disruption, meanwhile RF energy is still able to stimulate lower skin layers. There has high dermal impact, minimal downtime and high efficiency


RF energy will be pyramidal eradiated to the surface resulting to low epidermal disruption that causes fewer side effects, meanwhile collagen will also be increasingly stimulated.

E-matrix has an important quality called Intelligent Skin Feedback (ISF), which measures skin response to RF energy. It can measure skin resistance before eradiating. If there is too much skin resistance in some areas, RF cannot go through but the RF energy will be increased efficiently to go through the preferred areas on the skin. However, physicians and patients can be confident that it performs well on preferred areas of the skin and it also has fewer side effects.


  • Smoother acne pores
  • Clearer skin, tightened pores
  • Reduced dark spots and toned skin color
  • Reduced facial lines and wrinkles

US FDA has approved E-Matrix that is highly standard and safety effective of the treatment. The duration of the procedure 30-40 minutes depends on the area of the treatment. After finished, the patient can use as usual life. The course provide 4-6 week a time but it depends on skin condition.

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