VBeam is a laser treatment with wavelength of 595 nm. This kind of laser is gentle for skin and it is perfectly designed to eliminate various unwished skin problems. There is cold spray system with high delicacy cooperated with highly accurate laser to make the treatment more efficient and effective.

What can VBeam heal up?

Acne and red spots is usually found in teenagers and working people and it takes long time to heal up. Nowadays, a new technology called VBeam is one of the choices to eliminate acne and red spots with better result dramatically. VBeam is highly effective laser to absorb and fade red spots quickly. This laser treatment can be done within few minutes. Furthermore, acne and pores problems will get better soon. The treatment gives result since the first session and it will get much better at 75-90% after continuously done 3-5 sessions.


Dark spots and facial lines healed

Latest VBeam model contains of new model of tip that is effective to improve freckles and dark spots to a better result and look younger and smoother at the same time. VBeam will support to increase dermal collagen building resulting to tighter pores, smoother facial skin, fresher and younger facial skin

Facial and leg dilated capillary problems healed

VBeam is a highly effective technology to heal up dilated capillary and birthmark. Furthermore, there are a lot of researches and more than 300 worldwide published medical magazines on efficiency of VBeam.



  • It can improve various skin problems effectively at the same time such as acne, red spots caused by acne, facial lines, freckles, dark spots and dilated capillary.
  • Short duration; 10-15 minutes per session
  • Painless, no anesthetic required
  • Improvement can be seen after the first session and will be slightly better after doing treatment continuously
  • High safety, no wounded

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