Filler is the instant solution for facial lines, wrinkles, lip enhancement and facial contouring. Filler injections aim to fulfill volume in each area such as chin, under eyes, cheek wrinkles and lips etc.

Filler consists of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Calcium Hydroxylapatite. After applying local anesthetic at preferred areas, it takes for a few minutes before directly injecting filler into the preferred areas. It will effectively work immediately and it will be last up to 2-18 months depending on brands and areas

A popular area

  • Fill around the chin for look longer shape.
  • Fill around the lip for fuller lips.
  • Fill around the eye for deeper eyes.
  • Fill around the cheek for smoother cheek.
  • Fill around the face for beauty facial.
  • Unwanted nose surgery can be filled nasal dimensions for stunning nose.

About Filler

  • It is can be seen the result immediately after injection. Normally the doctor will inject an anesthetic to the area of filler. Some cases may use an ice pack before treatment. The injection takes 10-20 minutes. The patient can go home after treatment.
  • The side effect
  • Treatment Care
  • The first 48 hours shall not exercise or take a sunbath. This may cause redness at injection area.
  • Do not touch after injection, massage around the part of injection. It may effect with flowing of he drug to unwanted part.

Should drink enough of water after injection at the first 4 days around 8-46 glasses because filler will work effectively with water.

  • Avid of heating laser in injection area for 2 weeks.