Master Slim (face)

Master Slim is the injection of specific medical solutions into lipid layers to decompose excess fat, reduce cellulite, and stimulate new collagen building. After injecting, lipid cells will be slightly decomposed and dead lipid cells will be excreted through lymph system.

Who are suitable for this treatment?

It is suitable for patients who have fat problem at facial areas such as cheeks and wattles.

Treatment procedure

Doctors will inject the medical solution into different lipid layer areas. Each area has equal space from point to point around preferred areas.

It will be immediately swelling after injecting and more swelling in the following days. Swelling will be slightly recovered within 2-5 days. The skin will be tighter in week 5 and will be much tighter in week 8. However, Injection continually is recommended for better result.

The advantages of Master Slim Face

  1. It is very convenience to removal fat especially at the area of needed.
  2. It is suitable for the fat accumulation and cannot find others way to release it.
  3. Not complex procedure without surgery. It is no risk of wound infection.

Should do after Master Slim Face injection.

  1. Drink plenty of a glass of water because the fat will be eliminated through urine. The more you drink a lot of water, the more the faster remove faster.
  2. Warmly exercise about 30 minutes 1-2 times a week to help the body burn faster.
  3. Avoid of salty food or salt ingredient. The patient should change consume habit to eat less fat, sugar and carbohydrates