Motif is hair removal technology that contains 2 energies, laser and RF to make it more effective in removing hairs, painless, faster and acceptable result. It can be used to remove every hair color better than former technology. Furthermore, this latest hair removal technology will harmonically radiate 2 energies, Laser and RF, at the same time that is much different from the older one.

The cooperation of 2 energies will directly go through hair root to easily remove the hairs more effective with less pain. This technology will remove hair root quite fast and efficient. Using single energy from the older technology gives less result especially for difficult permanent hair removal areas such as light hair color from many times-removal, facial sprouting hair, sprouting hair around lips or hair removal in dark skin patients.

Motif hair removal can transmit the heat and laser light to its root and melanin at the root will easily absorb light energy resulting to melanin destroying and the root promptly without any side effects. The certain result of hair growth will be slightly slower, new hair will be smaller and lighter color and it will disappear finally. Moreover, Motif can also make the skin smoother at the same time.

Motif (Hair Removal) Programs

Treatment and Result:

For the best result, it should be done at least 5-8 times every 4 weeks depending on hair type and areas. Hair will automatically fall during the process or later within 1 week for some cases. After the treatment in 2 -4 weeks, there will be new hair at the hair removed areas, shaving, plucking or waxing is strictly prohibited until the next session of treatment. There also have red spots after treatment and it will disappear within approximately 20 minutes. Patients can do routine activities after treatment.


  • Immediate result after first treatment
  • Smoother skin and tighter pores
  • Smaller hair and disappear finally
  • Fast and safe for epidermis

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