Vectra 3D

With full of services as cosmetic beauty, innovation can help to see the results before surgery by using 3D facial simulator design. This may help you to see the result before surgery.

Testing with Vectra 3D before facial surgery.

Accuracy measuring with Vectra 3D as innovative software to restructure face photo before surgery. This is pretty perfect.

Equipment Feature

  1. Display 3D photo for face and neck.
  2. Plan the treatment process with 3D comparing before and after to have reference before surgery.
  3. High image solution up to 36 megapixels.
  4. Only 3.5 milliseconds for shooting.
  5. Face sculptor 3D simulation software.
    • Measure image volume and difference part after testing.
    • Able to see the nearest term.
    • Tab slide bar is easy to use for surgery.
    • The testing result is clearly comparison every part of it.
    • Compare and principle of 3D testing side by side.