Brow Lift

Having facial wrinkles or skin problem according to elderliness is a problem that people cannot avoid such as facial lines, eye wrinkles, dropping eyelids or Ptosis. Therefore, eyebrow lift is a surgery method to cure eye problems that can be done in 2 cases; dropping eyelids and narrow space between eyebrows and eyes. There are 2 different techniques for eyebrow lift as follows;


Endoscopic Brow Lift

Endoscopic Brow Lift is a surgical method that uses endoscopic camera and causes smaller scars than former one. Furthermore, it can increase more space around eye and make it look bigger. The 3-5 preferred spots for Endoscopic camera will be opened resulting to overlapped wounds at hair line approximately 3-4 cm. each. However, endoscopic preferred spots are aligned with inner canthus and lateral canthus resulting to arched eyebrows and more space for eyelid surgery.

This surgical method is to flap epidermal skin layer from forehead by inserting very small medical tools into preferred surgical spots under eyebrow (Upper eyelids), meanwhile surgeons will flap forehead muscle and muscle between eyebrows. This method will relax muscles and skin will be tighter.

EndotineTransbleph will be used for endoscopic surgery because its quality is better than catgut. Furthermore, it will be absorbed within 1 year and it gives the best result as well. Also, scar is too little and result can be seen immediately.

Suturing can be cut within 1-2 weeks after surgery. There will be invisible facial scar but it may cause little swellings due to endoscopic surgery but no bandage needed. Furthermore, recovery period is short. Some can do routine activities after surgery but it may cause a little painfulness which is can be cured by having a painkiller.


  • Invisible facial scars, hidden at hairline
  • Natural look result
  • Disappearance of forehead wrinkles


  • High surgical cost
  • Not suitable for patients who have some chronic diseases or too old for surgery because general anesthetic is used.

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