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Beautiful eyes are not only having big eyes or double eyelids, but there also have other elements to make them more beautiful;

1. Good proportion between left and right eyebrows,
2. Opened inner canthus,
3. Pointy lateral canthus, and
4. Non Endophthalmoscondition.

Those elements will support the eyes enchantment and attraction that is called “Model eyes”. Moreover, it is a principle for eye surgery for various eye problems both women and men such as Drowse, Single eyelid or closed inner can-thus.

The important limitation for model eyes is patients should have good eye proportion at least 90% meaning good proportion between eyes and eyebrows, opened inner canthus, pointy eyes and non -Endophthalmos condition. It is self easily checked by lay a pen against eyes. If it is normal eye condition, it cannot be opened. Meanwhile, it can be opened for endophthalmos condition that is a cause of imperfect eyes.

Most of Thai people at 60-70% have endophthalmos eyes with various eye problems. However, nowadays, imperfect eyes can be fixed by eye surgery which is safe and takes short time. It is not only good facial shape proportion which results to visibility, but having good beautiful eye proportion is also attractive and uniquely different from others.


What are imperfect eyes like?

Those problems are usually found in Asian people who have single eyelid, unfolded eyelid, hidden double eyelids, closed inner canthus and closed lateral canthus. Those are caused by individual facial muscle and skin. The cause of closed inner canthus is that upper eyelids are dropped down by eye muscle; therefore actual inner canthus is invisible. It can be found in Down syndrome people. Furthermore, closed inner canthus can also be found in Asian people. Drowse or sleepy eyes are congenially called congenital ptosis or are caused by accident events. Some have very little peculiarity but some have their eyes ptosis disproportionally. This can be improved by ptosis surgery called Levator Aponeurosis, which is Celebrity Eyes technique.


Inject local anesthetic at one preferred area. To avoid wounding and bleeding, wound be opened by laser. Then, it will be operated through Microscopic by muscle suturing to set the eyelids due to drowse or sleepy eyes will be operated with Celebrity eye technique resulting to small wounded and no suturing cut needed. Patients will be recovered within 1 day after operation and can do makeup or do routine activities as usual.


Who are suitable for Celebrity eyes?

It is suitable for all genders and ages. For some cases, patients who have imperfect eyelids and don’t wish a long term recovery, they mostly choose Celebrity eyes surgery. Some patients who are not confident from their previous surgery or their eyelid problems still exist, they also choose this technique due to fewer wounded.


Before – After 7days


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