Eye Surgery Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid cut and Eyelid fat removal)

Drowse and smaller eyelids are mostly caused by oldness of people resulting to eye skin condition that may close the eyes after that. Smaller wounded technique might not be able to improve its problems because eyelids must be cut and eyelid fat must also be removed. Therefore, to make your eyes more beautiful and look bigger, it must be done by Eyelid cut and Eyelid fat removal technique.

Operation procedure:


Patients will be injected local anesthetic at preferred area on upper eyelids to make them feel relax while operating. After that, Surgeons will set eyelids according to measured or preferred position and suitability of eyelids. If there is excess fat at eyelids, both excess fat and some of eyelid skin will be cut out. On the other hand, if patients prefer thicker eyelids, they can also inform a doctor. Then levator muscle will be sutured and eyelids will be folded by pulling eye skin resulting to double eyelids finally. Suture is really small but incision will be hidden in the surgical eyelids that its wounds are invisible.

Duration and recovery:

Surgery takes approximately 30-45 minutes. After operating, patients are recommended to cold pack approximately 30 minutes to monitor peculiarity and wounds. However, patients will be allowed to go home after that.


After care:

Patients must do a cold pack at forehead and eyes to recover swelling and bleeding in first 2 days after operation. After 24 hours of operation, patients will be suggested to apply ointment around surgical wounds at eyelids and also take anti inflammatory and decongestants as a doctor’s suggestions. If there is painfulness, patients must take a painkiller to reduce painfulness after 3 days of operation. Patients are advised to be able to clean their face with warm water regularly according to cleanliness.


If patients need to clean wounds around eyes, it must be cleaned softly by cotton with clean warm water and have to apply cream or ointment according to doctor’s suggestions. Patients are suggested to cut suture in 5-7 days after operation. According to patients who wear contact lens, they are suggested to wear glasses during first week instead due to swellings. However, swellings will get better within 4 days and it will get completely recovered and beautiful eyelids can be visibly seen within week 4 after operation.