There are various treatments to rejuvenate facial skin to look younger at the moment. Lifting is one of the best chosen options. Meanwhile, there are also various lifting options such as surgery, operation or laser; it depends on individual conditions and doctor’s consideration. Thermage is one of facial lifting options that there is no surgery or operation. It can smoothen, strengthen skin, reduce facial lines and solve sagging skin problems even around eyes.

Thermage is a single session treatment that gives long last result for patients. It is a high heat technology which contains Radiofrequency to supply the heat to skin. The heat will tighten and strengthen collagen fiber and also stimulate new collagen building that makes skin thicker and smoother.

Principal and procedures:

The heat from Thermacool system, which is certified by US FDA on 6 MHertz of Radiofrequency will be controlled to transmit into lowest skin layer. The tip on hand piece will be put on the skin softly to transmit RF energy into skin layer which has 1 second in each time. The tip produces coldness that prevents damage of epidermis while emitting energy through skin to stimulate collagen fiber in epidermis layer and tissue in epidermal lipid layer. During the session, patients will feel cold while the tip is rolling on skin and it will also comfortably vibrate. It is deeply warm in the skin layer and cold after that. Duration for each session is approximately 30 minutes (excluding local anesthetic applying session).

After care:

Patients will be painless and feel comfortable after treatment. It may cause red spots on skin and it will naturally disappear within 1 hour or there might also have swellings but it will disappear within 1 day. Patients can do routine activities and makeup can be done after treatment immediately.

Treatment safety:

Thermage is a safe non-surgical treatment with a high safety statistics up to 99.8%. Basically, There may cause side effects very littlebut it is rarely founded such as red spots, swellings, gyrus and rough skin. It will be healed up without any complications after that. It is suitable for all skin types. According to results, collagen will be stronger. It is visibly different from little to better result level. The little result level means skin is a little bit lifted and tightened and the best result level means skin will be visibly tightly lifted and shaped.

The result will be more natural and the change will be slightly better approximately within 6 months after treatment. It will be last up to 1-2 years depending on age, skin conditions and life style.

Result after treatment:

  • Smoother skin
  • Lifted and shaped face
  • Tighter upper eyelid, lifted eyebrows and laterals
  • Less of wrinkles and facial lines
  • Fresher and younger face
  • Tighten skin, reduce facial lines and lift facial skin
  • Reduce sagging skin and smoothen skin

It is suitable for patients who have little to moderate level of sagging skin, not too much sunlight burned, never wish to do cosmetic surgery, postpartum women, postoperative, or who prefer to have thinner cheeks and V-shape face.


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