Barbed Thread Lift

Barb Lift is one of sutures that uses for suturing blood vessel walls that has less allergy and no side effects to skin. Thread that uses for facial lifting will be slightly and totally disappeared within 6-8 months, no remains to have side effects later. You can not only see the clear result immediately, but thread can also stimulate new vessels building resulting to collagen building around the thread that benefits for skin lifting. Skin will be slightly firmly lifted and the result can be up to 12-18 months. Furthermore, the thread is specially designed with rhizome around it. It will be more effectively attached to tissue. However, using of smooth thread like nowadays has less result than Barb Lift, specifically designed for the better result.


Areas of threading:

Lift rhizome and lateral areas, thread around eyes and bags under eyes and lift angular mouth, lower mouth, , sagging cheeks, sagging chin and face.


  • Stimulate collagen building of dermis resulting to strengthening of skin.
  • Facial muscles will be relaxed and tightened.
  • Strengthening V-shape face is a result of threading.


  1. It is suitable for who easily have Keloid, no allergy to anesthetic and no hypercoagulation state background.
  2. Threading gives better results for all groups except ones that have too much of sagging skin.
  3. Result will be immediately. The utmost result appears after disappearing of the thread approximately 6 months and it will be last up to 12-18 months depending on skin care.

Preparation before threading:

Refrain from having medicine and supplementary food which may cause Blood coagulationat least 7 days such as Aspirin, Pavid, Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil.

After Care:

Apply a compress with ice or Cool Pack around threaded areas at least 30 minutes and do repeatedly at home in first 6-12 hour after threading. It will be slightly flattened and shaped.

Take a medicine to prevent inflammation and swelling. Lift the head higher in first 24 hour to reduce swelling. Avoid facial massage or get affected on face at least 1 week and also avoid facial laser massage and sauna at least 4 weeks.