Acne is one of nagging problems for adolescent and working age which causes from many factors. The Masterpiece Clinic, the professional in beauty offers you treatments for taking care of your acne in 3 steps;

1. Squeezing – Injecting is a treatment for taking out Comedone head and for preventing scars from inflammatory acne.

2. Sponge Mask is a facial mask treatment to heal up, dry up and anti inflammatory of acne. It is mixture of seaweed and medicines which affects to Bacteria to heal up faster.

3. LED Blue light Therapy is a treatment of the light with long wavelength of 420 Nanometer using for inflammatory acne treatment and prevention. Local anesthetic is not used during treatment due to painlessness. For the radiation, patients will feel comfortably warm during treatment. It produces Porphyrin, poisonous substance to P. acne and it will dry and heal faster.

However, each patient’s facial skin problem will be considered by a doctor before treatment.

Acne Pack by Masterpiece Clinic

Meno Aura


There are 3 steps for Meno Aura Clear Facial Skin Treatment;

  • Meso Collagen is to brighten facial skin by softly piercing with needles to fill multivitamin to the skin. It helps to fade scars away.
  • VitaminoFresh is a treatment that pushes vitamins into the skin by high frequency sound wave to brighten and restore freshness to facial skin.
  • Face Lifting Massage is to relax your skin by face lifting massaging at 18 areas by intensive moisturizer that will stimulate blood circulation to soften and revitalize facial skin.

Duration: 40 – 60 minutes.

The treatment is suitable for patients who have dark facial face, scars or blemish.

Meno Aura by Masterpiece Clinic

Oxy Plus

There are 3 steps of moisturizing facial treatment program for your radiant facial skin all day long.

  1. Oxygen Jet is a treatment that adds pure oxygen into the skin to deeply clean facial skin and help to intensify facial pores.
  2. Phono Plus is to restore moisture to the skin by pushing special formula vitamins developed by Masterpiece Clinic into deep skin layer by sound wave.
  3. Snow Mask is multivitamins mask which helps to brighten facial skin and make it softer.

Duration: 40 minutes

The treatment is suitable for patients who have dry facial skin, lack of moisture or dark skin.