Angel legs

Angle Legs is a techniques reducing calf without surgery. The tips of Girl Group from Korea to reduce calf is innovative non-surgical and rehabilitation. The result is long lasting than other injection. Angle Legs is muscle stimulation techniques from Korea with finding the location inner muscle to reduce the nerve, muscle spasms calf to decrease smaller muscle. This treatment will take 20-30 minutes. After that the size of calf will be small gradually shrunk down. To get the result, continuing till 6 moths to 15-18 months it depends on the activities and maintenance.

Advantage of Angle Legs

  • Painless, takes only 20-30 minutes
  • Do not have a non-surgery rehabilitation
  • After completion will gradually see the results and continuing to 3-6 moths.
  • The long lasting result is longer than other injection which is only 4-5 months. The method treatment stays 15-18 months depends on the person.
  • Use a ordinary life after treatment